Department Of Economics

Course outcome of Three Year Undergraduate Course in Economics General

  • To get preliminary idea of economic theory.
  • To study the behaviour of Indian economy.
  • To determine economic variables including inflation, unemployment, poverty, Gross Domestic Product, Balance of payment using statistical methods.
  • To understand the behaviour of consumer and producer.
  • To understand the theories of exchange among rational economic agents in variant market structure.
  • To understand macroeconomic policies including fiscal and monetary policies.
  • To understand economic growth and development.
  • To look into gender related issues in contemporary India.


The  Economics department is among the newest departments of Netaji Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya that started functioning from 2014-2015 session. Now the department is running successfully with the two Guest lecturers , Smt.Shampa Ghosh (M.A) and Smt.Susmita Bhattacharjee ( Students can take this subject in combination with Honours and General Subjects .The departmental faculty provides PPTs and lecture- notes which help the students to understand the diverse aspects of the topics .Class test and tutorial classes are regularly conducted by the department. Our central library has enough books for the students and faculty. A degree in economics can be used in many areas like school, college, Government and private sector, financial institution etc. The Department provides regular counselling to the students regarding various career opportunities and the scope for higher studies in the subject.