Department Of Education


The word “EDUCATION” means an all-round development of human being. Though it is a social science but it is the culmination of various disciplines like Educational philosophy, Psychology, Mental health, Sociology, Ancient, medieval, and present system of education, Statistics, Educational management, Technology, Special education, Guidance and counselling, Curriculum, Comparative education and various contemporary issues which enables the students to understand and deal with the changing society. Therefore Education is multidisciplinary in nature which appears to have different colours when seen from different angles that leads to the all round development of a man.

Salient Features:

  • Primary focus is to prepare students for University examination with regular classes.
  • Classroom lecturers following text and reference books.
  • Remedial classes and group discussions for better assimilation of the subject.
  • Seminar by eminent persons and students on social and educationally relevant issues.
  • Extra attention is given to co-curricular activities.


• After completion of graduation eligible students can pursue post graduation level like M.A , M.Phil.
• Students can go for research work, or can work as project fellow.
• Students can appear at different competitive exam like NET, SET.
• Students can join B.Ed, M.Ed courses.

Extension Activities:

• The department organized syllabus oriented projects.
• The department provides guidance to the students whenever required.
• Wall magazine were prepared on Swami Vivekananda, Illiteracy, information processing theory.
• Students of the department participate in various activities.