Department Of English

In June, 2007,  the Inspection Team from Calcutta University visited our College for extension of affiliation for starting Honours in English although the subject as a general course was already available in the previous sessions.The honours course started pretty soon with Dr. Virvikram Roy and Dr. Sudhanath Chattopadhyay, who also took charge as the Principal of the college.

Although students from English-medium background is scarce in this locality, there is no lack of enthusiasm among students to take up this subject as honours and in general, encouraged no doubt by the high prospect of the subject in career advancement as well as a doorway to accumulation of knowledge through the virtual media today.

Now, with two more efficient teachers, who joined in 2010, the Dept. is considerably enriched with faculty strength and quality. Dr. Roy, however, has left the College in July, 2015, to become the Principal of Bhangar Mahavidyalaya.

The capacity of enrolment in the English Honours stands at 70 now. English is also offered as a general subject with a few other honours and general subjects like Political Science, Journalism , Sociology, History etc. We have undertaken seminar-lectures, lecture-demonstration, etc. (together with the traditional lecture methods) for the enrichment of the students through audio-visual medium in our ICT rooms and seminar room.

Now that we have a virtual classroom fitted with all required equipments, we have plans to use it as per availability to the maximum pedagogical benefit of the students and the faculty alike.

Program-Specific outcomes

Studying English literature encourages the students to view the critical reading of creative texts as an essential and rewarding part of a life-long commitment to learning.

Goal 1: Equip students with knowledge of English as a world language.

Goal 2: Equip student with analytical skills in linguistics, communications and literary criticism.

Goal 3: to recognize and appreciate the importance of major literary genres, subgenres, and periods. .

Goal 4: Increasing in-depth Knowledge of the Core Areas of the Subject.

Goal 5: Train students for careers and advanced studies in a wide range of English, Public Relations, or Communications fields.

Course Outcomes

Specific learning outcomes for English courses include the following:

1. Writing skills and process: Students will be able to write effectively for a variety of professional and social settings. They will practice writing as a process of motivated inquiry, engaging other writers’ ideas as they explore and develop their own.

2. Critical Approaches: Students will express their own ideas as informed opinions that are in dialogue with a larger community of interpreters, and understand how their own approach compares to the variety of critical and theoretical approaches.

3. Oral communication skills: Students will be able to prepare, organize, and deliver an engaging oral presentation in English.