Department Of Geography

The dept started with B.A. Gen. in 2002 and B.Sc Hons in 2006. Presently the dept has about 300 students in the 3 years degree course (Hons and General). The teachers are competent to teach different aspects of physical and social Geography as well as computer based GIS. Apart from the scheduled curriculum of WBSU the dept arranges different co-curricular activities like publishing Wall Magazine, Special Lectures by external experts, Documentary Show, short educational Tour, GPS Training ,visit to GSI etc. Facilities like Laboratory with different survey and other instruments, GIS_RS lab are available in the dept.There is a seminar library (apart from the Central library) too.
Excursion is organised every year to encourage the students in field work. Computer training on different GIS software is a part of the curriculum. Seminars and PPT by the students, Poster and Model making, participation in quiz and poster competitions etc are some of the innovative learning methods practiced here. The students are also encouraged to take part in social welfare activities and NSS programmes. Many of the passed out students of our dept get jobs in the Govt. services like school, colleges and in other sectors.

 A departmental seminar library
 A computer lab
 Internet facility
 A general practical lab with all instruments, maps, satellite imageries etc



Upon completion of the B. Sc. Honours Geography Course students will have following opportunities and skills.

  1. This course will develop in students various interest in the understanding of fundamental laws of Environment, principles and theories along with their applications.
  2. Honours in Geography require moderate level of competence in Statistics and computer knowledge, so students can develop skill in analyzing complex problems by using the previous knowledge to solve them.
  3. Students acquire efficiency in the use of computers for GIS mainly for the software QGIS in experimental investigations.
  4. This course also creates an interest in higher studies and research in various branches of Geography.
  5. A student studying Geography will also develop logical and analytical thinking abilities.
  6. Students will aware about the nature and its impact so that they can apply it on their surroundings.
  7. Students may have join the Disaster Management Course and make career on it.
  8. If students have pursuing the degree in Geography (Hons) then they can participate in the Oceanography discipline as well as participate in the Remote Sensing branch.
  9. If students have interested above the subject then they can also be penetrating into the discipline of social reform work.
  10. Students have career opportunities in various academic institutions like schools, colleges or research institutes.