Department Of History

The Department of History, Netaji Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya is a very popular department among the students of this college. The Department of History prepares students for the three year degree course (Honours + General). General course in History has been started from 2001 and as honours subject it started its journey from 2004. History is offered as a general subject for the honours subjects – Bengali, Political Science and Education. It is also offered as part of combination in the general course along with Bengali, Political Science, Education, Physical Education, Music, Sociology, Journalism and Geography. For the first year students department offers 70 seats. There are four teaching members in the Department right now. They are extremely dedicated and give special attention to the students. To motivate them the department organizes special lectures, seminars, PPT presentations, excursions in historically important places. The Departmental motto is to promote academic environment for the better future of the students as well as the Society. There’s also a very good job prospect in this academic arena like teaching profession, law service, all types of govt. Service etc.


The History Department Faculty has identified the specific objectives of its undergraduate curriculum. The following are the learning outcomes that we  would like to see each History student graduate with. We are continuously and actively assessing our program to ensure that these learning outcomes are being met.

  1. Students shall be able to demonstrate thinking skills by analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating historical information from multiple sources.
  2. Students will develop the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction while understanding that there is no one historical truth.
  3. Students will develop an informed familiarity with multiple cultures.
  4. After completion of graduation eligible students can pursue post graduation level like M.A. and M.Phil.
  5. Students can go for research work, or can work as project fellow.
  6. Students can appear at different competitive exam like NET, SET.
  7. Students can join B.Ed, M.Ed courses also.