Department Of Journalism & Mass Communication

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication is a newly introduced department of the college that started functioning from 2015-2016 sessions. At present, the department offers the UG course under the curriculum of the West Bengal State University. The subject can be taken up as a general subject with other Honours/General subjects offered by the college. In 2016, it has been affiliated as an Honours subject with 35 seats. The curriculum as an honours subject will start fromsession 2017-18. Now, participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments with Honours subjects are: English and Political Science and with General subject as a combination: Education, Bengali, English, Political Science, History, Sociology, and Physical Education. The department, at present, has two guest lecturers, Prof. Rosona Khatun and Prof. Moumita Sarkar. The departmental laboratory has provision for computers which provides opportunities to students to develop their skill and knowledge by giving them a scope to make use of these equipments in the presence and guidance of faculty which has necessary expertise. The job opportunities in this subject is to become a Journalist, job in Information Bureau (Central and State Government), Advertising Copy Writer, Public Relations Officer, Management Officer in Public and Private Sector, Teachers in College and University and so on.

Program-specific outcomes

Studying Journalism and Mass Communication provide students with a quality education in the mass communication and journalism disciplines that is current, relevant, practical, and  personal. Students who graduate in journalism will be prepared for entry-level positions as professionals within journalism and related fields.

Goal 1: master professional oral communication and writing skills.

Goal 2: demonstrate professionally competent analysis of media messages.

Goal 3: to recognize and understand the importance of major journalism and communication genres and periods.

Goal 4: Train students for careers and advanced studies in a wide range of Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising and Communications fields.

Course Outcome

Specific learning outcomes for Journalism and Mass Communication courses include the following:


  1. Writing skills and process: Students will be able to write a variety of mass media products, including news stories, press releases, and advertising copy, following accepted journalistic standards.
  2. Critical Approaches: Students will be able to create and design emerging media products, including blogs, digital audio, digital video, social media, digital photography, and multimedia and understand to how their own critical and thoughtful respond to both explicit and implicit communication of media.
  3. Oral and written communication skills: Students will be able to prepare, organize, and deliver an engaging oral and written communication presentation though which language he/she expert to write or oral.
  4. Technical knowledge skills: students will be able to know technical knowledge about media related software as well as video or documentary related process.