Department Of Music

Our Music Department is providing General courses along with Hons. in Music since 2001. Our college is the first college having Music as a subject at UG level under WBSU. Our teachers are enriched with practical and theoretical knowledge in Music. Some of the teachers are ‘A’ Grade Radio Artists while some of them are JRF and Ph.D holders. Students feel like a family with the department. They take part in various socio-cultural programmes of the college. The department publishes a wall magazine twice in a year. Students of the department learn music with various projects throughout the year. The Department is providing University topper as well as college topper for last seven years. Some of the students are actively attached with the NSS programme of our college. Our ex-students are either school teacher or Radio Artist or other Govt. service holder. Some of them are also self employed and research scholars. We have adequate instruments though there is a space problem for our lab. We provide notes, PPT and documentary show for the students. The Department often arranges seminars, workshops, lectures for the students by various subject experts of other Universities or institutions. The Departmental library helps students for having reference books beyond their syllabus. We have a departmental wall magazine, Gandharvi, which publishes articles on the lives of musicians, different streams of music, various musical instruments etc.We feel like a family bonding between the students and the teachers.


  • Music provides a better social environment among the students, who are the future of our nation.
  • Music is a subject which is called ‘Gurumukhi Vidya’. So, it makes a relation more than a teacher-student relationship.
  • Classical Music is the base of all kinds of Indian Music. It is a huge part of our syllabus. So, a student can get thorough knowledge of Swaras and its applications from this course.
  • We emphasize on individual composition making, which may help them to expose themselves as music composers in future.
  • Out course provides a basic knowledge of Rabindra Sangeet, Bengali Songs and all Folk forms of Bengal and other Provinces. Thus a student can get knowledge of regional songs and may select a subject which they can choose for higher studies. It helps them to establish themselves as one of the specialized artists.
  • We have a introductory part of acoustics in our course. It helps the learners to know the science of music, which is necessary to understand music properly.
  • Psychological parts of the course help the students to relate music with human psychology, which is required for being a good performer.
  • Western Music acquires an important part of our course. Students get knowledge of scales, pitches, chords, intervals, staff notations from this section. This knowledge is necessary for growing good musical sense.
  • Lastly, our course caters a brief introductory knowledge in Aesthetics. This knowledge helps the students to understand music as an art form with a sense of justification towards the subject.

We believe a good artist must be a good human being. Only a good human being can make a good society full of positive and constructive culture.