Department Of Political Science

The department of Political Science started its journey with general in 2001 and Honours in 2003. Political Science is offered as a general subject for the following Honours subjects – Bengali, English, Geography, History, Sociology.As part of three subjects one can choose in general course PLSG is offered along with Bengali, History, Sociology, Physical education, Geography, Sanskrit, Education, & Journalism. The department at present has four efficient teachers always alert to the personal needs of the students. The intake capacity in the Honours category is 50. The students, together with the studies, take active part in different co-curricular activities like Youth Parliament and Quiz competitions, NSS, seminars etc. The graduates with this subject have bright job prospects in various government and private sectors.

Course Outcome (CO) Dept. of POLITICAL SCIENCE

  •  Familiarity with different approaches to the study of politics and an ability to apply these to contemporary collective and political problems, and political behaviour.
  •  An ability to formulate and construct logical arguments about political phenomena and an ability to evaluate these through empirical and theoretical methods.
  •  An understanding of how political institutions emerge, how they operate, how they interact with their external environment, and how they shape individual and collective behaviour knowledge of basic factual information about politics within an area of specialization including political behaviour, comparative politics, international relations, political theory and methodology.
  • Comprehend the basic structures and processes of government systems and/or theoretical underpinnings.
  • Analyze political problems, arguments, information, and/or theories.
  • Apply methods appropriate for accumulating and interpreting data applicable to the discipline of political science.