Department Of Sociology

The department of Sociology started with general course in 2001 and Honours in 2011. The department at present has three efficient teachers working hard to execute the teaching-learning process efficiently. At present the department offers 25 seats in the honours. The subject can be taken up as general with many subjects including Bengali, history, English, journalism, political science, education etc. The students of this department enjoy the facilities of  ICT and virtual classrooms, seminars, special lectures etc together with the traditional classroom teaching. The students graduating with sociology have bright career options in their life in government and private sectors.


  • To connect everyday life practices or micro level interactions to the various aspects of macro level knowledge formation.
  • To induce the aptitude and skills among students required for analyzing the intricate details of the society
  • To develop the sociological insight necessary for constructing better future and reality for human world.
  • To develop ‘sociological insight’ for understanding behavior, social roles, interactions among and everyday life practices of human beings.
  • To understand the interactions of human beings with the larger society.
  • TO understand the functioning of various social institutions and how it fabricates unequal realities for people.
  • To understand one’s own society, its culture, institutions, and patterns of interactions.
  • To understand other cultures, their way of life, elicit views of others and develop and practice ‘cultural relativism’ as part of their life.
  • To develop the skill to write a dissertation addressing ‘social problems’ based on field work.