Students Union

The college has an elected Students’ Union. Each year election procedure is carried out in accordance with the orders from Government quarters. Class representatives are elected by single non transferable vote and there is one class representative per 45 students.

The Governing Body of the college constitutes Election Committee. The Principal is the President of the committee.

The Students’ Union acts as a liaison between administration and the students. They look after the interests of students and communicate to the authority any demand or suggestion that comes from students’ quarters. The funding comes through the union fee collected at the time of admission. The various activities that the Union organises with the support of the administration are Annual Sports, Annual magazine publication, Fresher’s Welcome, Saraswati Puja, Annual Fest, Basanta Utsav, Cultural programmes etc.

The composition of the Union is as follows :

  • (General Secretary) ————————– Sourav Paul

  • (Asst. General Secretary) —————— Roniull Mondal

  • (Vice President) ——————————– Ajoy Aich