Students Health Home

The students pay a nominal fee of Rs 10/- and get automatically enrolled under the Students’ Health Home scheme. In an effort to raise awareness among the students about health and hygiene and about deadly diseases such as cancer, AIDS and Thalassaemia, health camps and health awareness programmes are regularly conducted by the college. It aims at providing primary health-related advice to students, and through them to reach out to the community at large.

The College organises health awareness programmes and health check-ups for students at regular intervals, in association with the Students Health Home and a hospital, Matri Sadan, managed by the local municipality with which we have a tie-up for such purposes. Many of the students are not aware of the health related issues, and hence, they and their families suffer from various diseases, keeping them away from college. Moreover, these problems are increasing due to changing life style of the current generation. It is important to create awareness among the students so that they take good care of their health. Not only physical health, but mental health of students is also a major cause of concern for all in the present age, and students are sensitized about stress-related issues both within and outside the classrooms by teachers.

The College is in the process of establishing the exact frame-work for such practices. For General and mental health check-ups the Students’ Health Home is of immense help.